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X-Wing Series


Our bestselling low cost, energy efficient LED signage module from Current Lighting by GE.

GE Lighting's most cost effective signage solution, the X-Wing® range, offers great value for money, with no compromise on GE quality. 
Independent tests show a saving of up to 30% against competitors
(Dec 2018). 

  • IP66 

  • 6500K 

  • 165º beam angle    

  • 5 year guarantee

Tetra 24v

The most energy efficient LED system

The most sustainable, environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint and energy efficient LED signage solution.

Industry leading 10 year warranty gives unrivalled peace of mind.

  • Saves up to 70% electricity consumption

  • 50% more energy efficient than 12V LED modules

  • Up to 24% brighter than 12V systems


Everything you need for lighting up your signs

We have everything you need to complete your signage lighting projects.

 Our Bespoke Manufacturing Team can also manufacture fittings to suit your needs, including HPF/HF Gear Trays, Single to Quad, 2-6ft.

Call us now and speak to our team with your requirements. We will work with you at 

all stages from design to delivery, ensuring 100% satisfaction. 


NeoFlex™ Slimline LED

Slimmest faux neon product on the market

NeoFlex™ Slimline LED can provide a simple solution for neon-effect LED lighting, replacing traditional neon tubing.  A robust product featuring unrivalled flexibility with a slim PCB system, the NeoFlex™ Slimline can bend up to 150°, and makes installation simple compared with the heating process of traditional neon tubing. It is also more efficient than traditional neon tubing, while delivering the same lighting effect.

  • Flexible bending up to 150°

  • Bright and efficient faux neon lighting

  • Range of colour options


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