NeoFlex™ Slimline LED

The slimmest faux neon product on the market

NeoFlex™ Slimline can provide a simple solution for neon-effect LED lighting, replacing traditional neon tubing. Being the slimmest faux neon LED product on the market gives it unrivalled flexibility. A robust product featuring a flexible, slim PCB system, the NeoFlex™ Slimline can bend up to 150°, and makes installation simple compared with the heating process of traditional neon tubing. It is also more efficient than traditional neon tubing, while delivering the same lighting effect.

NeoFlex™ Slimline LED is an adaptable product to use for faux neon LED lighting and can be used on a wide range of signage lighting projects. It is perfect for use in bars & restaurants, retail stores, event spaces and interior projects.

Colours Available: White, Warm White, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Green, Pink.


Further Information


  • LED: SMD 2835

  • Working Voltage: DC12V

  • Certification: CE

  • Lumen: 650-700 LM/M

  • Power Wattage: 10.2 W/M

  • Ra: >75

  • Waterproof Grade: IP68

  • Working Temperature: -40°C – 70°C

  • Width: 5mm

  • Depth: 12mm

  • Cutting Resolution: 24mm


  • Flexible bending up to 150°

  • Bright and efficient faux neon lighting

  • Range of colour options


  • Flexible bending allows users to be adaptable when creating faux neon led signage.

  • NeoFlex Slimline is more efficient than traditional neon tubing while delivering the same lighting effect.

  • Won’t break when dropped!

  • Easy installation, no master artisan with experience in production, developing, and installation needed.

Includes tail ends and end caps.
Available in 5M reels.

Driver available separately: 12V 60W driver will power 5M reel.


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